Our Students

Sarah Pi
Melinda An
Cindy Chen
University of California, San Francisco
All Aboard ! My Journey Through Abacus & Mental Math Education Center.
Over the 15 years I 've been with Ms. An, both as a student and a teacher, I've tried many things for the first time. I'll always remember the first time I reported my students' progress to their parents; the first time I helped plan for standardized
testing, awards assembly , and ...(more)  
University of California, Berkeley
Thank You, Abacus & Mental Math
I became interested in learning abacus at the young age of four. As the daughter of a mental math and arithmetic specialist, I was always surrounded by people utilizing this tool and skill. My mom used it to make sure she was not overcharged at restaurants
or even to do her taxes. ........(more)       
Cornell University
Global Cup Competition Experience
I started learning abacus and mental math at the age of six. Since I lived in Taiwan until fourth grade, I learned much of the skills from traditionally strict abacus classes in Taipei. To say I never disliked the classes would be a lie. As I was just another
carefree youth back.... (more)
Kelly Pan
Erik Chen
Jonathan Chiang
Life of Abacus
Life is always a game.  That's what I thought when I first started using the abacus.  It was a game to me.  Just doing math with beads and pulling out the answer out of thin air like magic.  I always looked forward to going to Chinese school every Sunday... (more)
Common Core
Today, we live in a new era of something called the "Common Core", an era in which students are expected to demonstrate general knowledge and critical thinking skills in topics such as English and Math.  Many aspects of this.... (more)
Abacus is fun
It is fun to learn abacus.  I have learned a lot from the class and I have experienced many helpful things in learning abacus and mental math.  ... (more)